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It is currently not possible to buy or sell coins through this website. Do you want to be kept informed when we can open the webshop? Please send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You better now buy your coins somewhere else.

Buy and sell ADA easily with Euros

Cardano (ADA) is a progressive company that has great plans. The team consists of many clever heads that will bring about a real revolution in the blockchain world. You can find all information on the website Cardano (Blockchain), Daedalus Desktop Wallet en Yoroi Chrome Browser Wallet.
The Deadalus Wallet is now available for Windows and Apple. The Linux version will be available later. With the Deadalus Wallet the entire blockchain and all transactions of the Cardano Blockchain are stored on your computer, which can take many hours. Download your Deadalus ADA Wallet HERE.
The Yoroi Wallet is available as an Extension for the Chrome Browser and now only works in your Chrome Browser on your Computer. The Yoroi Chrome version for Tablets and Mobile Phones will be available later. The advantage of the Yoroi Wallet is that it can be paid immediately. There is no complete download of the entire blockchain and all transactions necessary. Download your Yoroi Chrome Browser Wallet HERE.
We find it important to make the ADA currency easily accessible to everyone. You can therefore purchase ADA with the Euro.

  • You then install the Wallet of your choice.
  • The Yoroi Chrome Browser Wallet.
  • Or the Daedalus Desktop Wallet which will store the entire blockchain and all transactions.
  • The Yoroi Wallet can be used immediately, the Deadalus Wallet can be used after 5-10 hours.
  • You create a Name for your Wallet.
  • You create a Password for your Wallet.
  • You will receive a Public Key address (such as a bank account number) after installation.
  • You use the Public Key as a bank account number to receive payments.
  • You also get a Password Phrase.
  • It is very important that you also save this Password Phrase.
  • If your wallet does not work anymore because the computer or mobile is broken, you can always restore your Wallet with your Password Phrase.
  • So always save your Wallet Name, Wallet Password and Password Phrase well, preferably on a stainless steel plate with lettering. This way your Back-Up will even be fire resistant.
  • Click HERE to see how the Daedalus Wallet is installed step by step.
  • Click HERE to see how the Yoroi Wallet is installed step by step.