The Webshop is now closed.

It is currently not possible to buy or sell coins through this website. Do you want to be kept informed when we can open the webshop? Please send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You better now buy your coins somewhere else.

Buy Coins via one of our payment methods

When making a purchase through Coin4Live you agree to the following conditions:

  1. The purchase concerns digital goods (Coins) with no fixed value. When you make a payment, you agree with the value for Coins that Coin4Live has determined at the time.
  2. You are aware of the fact that the value of the purchase can fluctuate considerably. There is no guarantee for any value retention in the future.
  3. The delivery of your Coins takes place by offering and sending a signed Coin transaction to the specified Coin address. We guarantee you the successful creation of the transaction and the shipment of the transaction over the Coin network within a few minutes. However, we have no influence on the further processing by the network. In the exceptional case that something goes wrong with processing by the network, you are entitled to get support by Coin4Live.
  4. We will always wait for online payments to prevent fraud. So once the money is in our account we will send the Coins to your ADA, TUBE or XEM address. Normally you will see your Coins in your wallet within 15 minutes via Ideal. But it can take up to a few days before you see your Coins in your wallet. Transfers outside of the Netherlands take a few days anyway.
  5. The Coin rates are subject to change. We set definitive amounts (Euros and Coins) at the moment the payment is started, and appear before you pay in the overview at your bank.
  6. A completed payment via one of our payment methods as well as the sending of a Coin transaction can not be canceled. Entering the correct data (your Coin address, quantity) is your own responsibility.
  7. You must enter a Coin address that you have access to yourself (from your own Wallet). It is therefore not allowed to use our services to make a payment directly to a webshop or other third parties. If you do enter someone else's Coin address, this is entirely at your own risk. Coin4Live reserves the right to block such transactions and to pass on any costs.
  8. In suspected fraud / abuse, Coin4Live reserves the right to suspend transactions until the legitimacy of the transaction is verified.
  9. Due to exchange rate fluctuations Coins can not be returned / exchanged. If you want to cancel your purchase, you can offer the Coins at the then applicable purchase price of Coin4Live.
  10. Coin4Live is based on sales to private individuals and therefore does not issue an invoice by default. Business purchase is possible and on request an invoice can be drawn up. However, deducting pre-tax is not possible.
  11. Coin4Live offers no guarantee whatsoever of the later redeeming of your Coins or the amount that you may be refunded.
  12. You are at least 18 years old or you have permission from a parent or guardian.
  13. Secure storage of your Coins is your responsibility. Opinions given by Coin4Live are only informative and do not offer any guarantee.
  14. When placing an order via one of the available payment methods, or multiple orders with a combined amount above a predetermined limit amount (standard 150 Euro). Coins are only delivered when the amount is on our Mollie account. You can not terminate the purchase agreement in the meantime in connection with price fluctuations.
  15. In case of force majeure, bank failure or other unusual / unforeseen circumstances, where your payment could not be processed in time, Coin4Live has a deciding vote and can decide to cancel the order and refund the purchase price.

Sell Coins
When offering Coins to Coin4Live you indicate that you agree with the following conditions:

  1. The sale concerns digital goods (Coins) without a fixed or verifiable value. In the sale you agree to the value for Coins that Coin4Live has determined at that time. You are aware of the fact that the value of the sold product may fluctuate.
  2. You send your Coins to a Coin address specified by us. We can only execute the payment once all Coins have been received and the transaction(s) has been confirmed by the network.
  3. Coins must be received within approx. 5 minutes after our offer, otherwise they can be returned and no payment will take place.
  4. Payout is made every working day shortly after 13:00. Payment is therefore usually made to the bank no later than the working day after receipt of your Coins. Coin4Live does not affect any delays at the bank.
  5. Coin4Live reserves the right to return Coins, for example if the transaction is not confirmed by the Coin network within a reasonable period of time (5 minutes). To avoid this, you must add sufficient transaction fees.
  6. Account number must be in a personal name or on a business name for which you are authorized to trade.
  7. Providing the correct information (coin address and payment details) is your own responsibility. Any damage caused by providing incorrect data can not be recovered from Coin4Live.
  8. When amounts are refunded to our account, eg by filling in erroneous data (IBAN, bank account and/or account holder), 12.50 Euro administration costs will be deducted from the new payment order.
  9. You declare that no input tax has been deducted from the Coins offered.
  10. You declare that the Coins offered have been obtained legitimately and you are not aware of any possible illegal nature of the origin.
  11. Coin4Live periodically checks customers with many and/or large transactions and can request additional information. Coin4Live has the right to temporarily suspend a transaction.
  12. You declare to be the owner of the specified account number and have entered all other details truthfully.
  13. If payment can not be made due to non-compliance with these terms and conditions, Coins are returned at the value of the payout amount according to the Coin4Live purchase price at the time of return.
  14. Coin4Live undertakes, when you meet the conditions, after receipt of your Coins (ie when they are with us with at least one confirmation by the ADA, TUBE or XEM Coin network), always to one of the actions below.
  15. Payment of the agreed euro amount on the account number you have provided, if the conditions are met.
  16. Refund of the Coins sent to the Return Coin address specified by you (with a deduction of a maximum of 2 Coins to the transaction fee), if there are unusual circumstances or if the conditions are not met.
  17. Coin4Live will endeavor to complete this promotion within 1 business day, but no later than 4 business days. If it appears that Coin4Live has failed to do so, the seller will be entitled to reclaim the Coins, including the used transaction fee (max. 2 Coins). This is only possible if the payment has not yet been made and in case of force majeure situations.