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It is currently not possible to buy or sell coins through this website. Do you want to be kept informed when we can open the webshop? Please send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You better now buy your coins somewhere else.

Buy and sell XEM easily with Euros

New Economy Movement (XEM Coin) is a progressive company that has developed a completely unique Blockchain. The blockchain platform from NEM is designed and coded from the base for magnification and speed. You can find all information on the website NEM (Blockchain) and NEM Investors. We find it important to make the XEM currency easily accessible to everyone. You can therefore purchase XEM with the Euro. Download your NEM Nano Wallet HERE.

  • You then install the Wallet.
  • You create a Name (Label) for your Wallet.
  • You select a network for your Wallet: Mainnet
  • You create a Password for your Wallet.
  • You will receive an Address (such as a bank account number) after installation.
  • You use the Address as a bank account number to receive payments.
  • You will receive a Public Key address after installation.
  • You also get a Private Key.
  • It is very important that you store all this data.
  • If your Wallet no longer works because your computer or mobile device is broken, you can always restore your Wallet with your data.
  • So always save your Wallet Address, Wallet Name, Wallet Password, Public Key and Private Key, preferably on a stainless steel plate with lettering. This will make your Back-Up even fire-resistant.
  • Click HERE to see how the NEM Nano Wallet is installed step by step.